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Three of us went to the 8th Annual International Conference on Science and Consciousness - 5 days of cosmic saturation!
Here is a little story of how it was for us, some observations, aphorisms, ideas.


We had a great little place to stay with character and style.


It is a great feeling to be among 700 kind-spirited folks who all know they can help create
a better and more effective paradigm for living than what is current.

The first item mentioned was curiosity. How's yours?
Curiosity is a great barometer of your spiritual and psychic health.


The Aphorisms


What you believe about god determines what you believe about all.

We have to live until we die.
All the rest we can make up.

What stops you from being fully present?

We're getting ready to leave 4000 years of the masculine principle.

You have to know yourself in order not to project what you don't know about yourself on everybody else.

Every choice leads to wisdom.

live and let live - no
us vs. them - no
thrive and help thrive

"To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
                                   - B. Fuller



We were hoping for a BIG special event and Wowie was this BIG.
This guy lost his job and his wife pursing his obsession to psyche this out.
Now he's a leading authority.
I haven't paid much attention to crop circles because
I've casually heard of them being debunked.
But after getting some real data...

The affected plants live and can be harvested,
even tho they are bent over uniformly, usually at 1 inch.
Microscopic cross sections show a reordering of the plant stems contents.
The roots change to sideways.
There are so many so big:
hundreds of feet, 10,000 in 26 countries,
80% in southern England.
Animals won't go in there.
People have experiences in there.
Birds fly AROUND them.
They have been shown to appear in 15 minutes.
Light beams have been seen on the sites.
Analysis of the circles show a strict relationship with Euclidian geometry.
They appear at intersections to the earth's field lines.
They appear near churches and historic ritual sites.
And that's just the start.

xxxxxxxReally want to know?






We got a demonstration of the newly invented CymaScope which reveals form from sound.
John Reid is the inventor and also wrote this poem:

Shimmer shimmer liquid silver
Water hath no mind but will,
the will to merge with other waters,
The will to grow yet greater still.
And if mankind could be like water,
And if mankind could merge their wills,
Would not our souls like silver shimmer,
Would not our souls be greater still?




"I'm Clear!"

of emotional entanglements.

Changing the World - one constellation at a time



During one session led by JZ Knight, she had us test our remote viewing capabilities.
As you can see, Lynn and her partner did mighty fine on their single try.



When Lynn picked up her name tag, there was a note to find these people.
These were her unseen friends from 15 years ago who have the same last name.
They saw her tag and marked it on the chance!





This was way incredible, but if it's true...
Time lines for the VP's activities and the white house don't match the Commission report.
The VP was recorded responding to data about where flight 77 was approaching the pentagon.
The report suggests the VP was nowhere involved with knowledge about flight 77.
Why did 77 crash there without any Boeing 757 parts? Why was the grass unharmed?
Why was the impact so small? Why is there no effect of wide wings impaling?
Why was there no huge fireball like trade centers?
Why was the only part of the pentagon hit which was the most expendable part and under construction?
How was such a complicated maneuver accomplished by such an inexperience pilot?
Why was 911 commission headed by a Bush crony?
Why were there no subpoenaed witnesses?
Why are the pentagon video tapes of the crash unavailable?
Why was the video of surrounding surveillance cameras confiscated?
Norad claims they can routinely intercept any airspace infringement or anomaly in 10 minutes.
Why were numerous flights not intercepted with 20 - 90 minute warnings?
Why was the president not hustled away according to SS protocol when there is a suggestion of attack?
The president's itinerary for that morning was well publicized; why wasn't he a target?
Hydrocarbon fires would not melt the metal in the trade centers at 1700 degrees.
Demolition explosives will.
But plenty of molten metal was found.
Why was all that metal from trade towers hustled off to Asia for recycling?
Why did rescue workers hear explosions in the basement of the trade center and various floors prior to the collapse?
Why were there numerous blackouts in the trade towers floors prior to 911?
Why did the buildings fall directly on themselves as if a demolition?
No fire has ever collapsed a skyscraper building prior and this was was especially prepared.
Why did building seven collapse as if it were imploded? Films show this but mysteriously disappeared.
Why did the lessor for this complex take out terrorist insurance a month before?
Why was this not considered a crime scene, when it was the biggest crime ever?
Why was NOTHING investigated?
So the authorities were happy with Osama's "confession"?
That's all I can remember; there 's bunches more:


David Ray Griffin is a professor
and theologan with
27 books to his credit,
including now
The 911 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions





is a cultural icon who starts his
super-charged presentation with a
head stand and then pushes up in
to a hand stand! at 60+ years!
This guy is not to be missed.
His movie opens now too.

Ironically I have the least to say about a guy who is most effective at manifesting enlightenment in real world matters in a huge way because it's just so much bigger than I can comprehend. Regrettably his web site does not enumerate his successful campaigns. But it's world wide big.

Greg is another top-notch master presenter.
He regaled us with stories of his pilgrimage to
Tibetan monasteries and what he learned there
all fits with the science of conciousness.




"Freedom from thought in dimensional realignment with it ALL."



A high intentional family of peace



JZ Knight channels Ramtha.
She also gives presentations on conciousness - not to be missed.
She is a 100% top-notch hyper-skilled goddess star queen.




There is so much evil, cruelty, and suffering in this world;
is there any sanity in contemplating splendor? Well, we did.

Numerous sessions lead me to attempt to summarize the current state of
science and how it relates to conciousness to the best of my inability.

The major conclusion is we live in a participatory universe.
We interact with what we observe, especially on that tiny subatomic level, in the realm of the weak force.
But the implications are enormous.
Science has shown:
Particles are sometimes waves.
They can be two places at once and more.
Once matter is connected, it is always connected energetically.
All is energy.
Energy is information.
DNA is connected to photons somehow.
Emotion is the language that speaks to DNA.

EnergEnergyEnergy is connected by some network to everywhere always and is responsive to emotion and mirrors our internal experience.
A field of energy connects all creation.
DNA speaks to this field.

This web is known as the quantum field, or the holographic field, or the Akashic records.

Therefore what you think matters; what you feel matters.
So think the right stuff and feel the right stuff. This is your practice.
The better you get, the better you manifest.
This is what the Tibetan monks do, and many others.
Tibetan monks' name for all this is compassion.
Real prayer is to experience the feeling of the wish fulfilled.
I'm not very good at this but practice and intent
and accomplishment is my birthright and yours, not just the select few.

All of this was created for you.

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